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Presto Digital Signs display dynamic advertisements on large High Definition (HD) TVs in front of captive audiences. They are used in specific locations to display your eye-catching message or advertisement in a highly visible manner. A Dynamic HD Ad will engage and entertain the viewer and will allow you to display more about your product or service in a single viewing than ever before.

Presto Screen Advertising is the most efficient and cost effective brand promotion for your business.

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Increased advertising return on investment (ROI)
10x the eye contact of traditional static signage
Save up to 80% over standard media
Dynamic high impact message
Change or update your ad at anytime
Choose your ad’s screen locations
Environmentally friendly - saves trees

If you're a local merchant or business professional looking to get noticed and join in on the future of advertising, Please click here.



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green TV advertising

Digital advertising
saves millions of trees
each year

eco hd TV advertising

Energy Star®
Uses 50% less power
Limits Hazardous Substances
Packaging uses 100% Recycled Materials

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